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Shangri-La Omni-View Hardware System

 A Comfortex Exclusive!


Comf-Shangri-La-OmniView-through when raised:

Exclusive Feature  
From the open or view-through position, continuing to pull down on the back of the cord will raise the fabric allowing a clear view outside from below, and a veiled view above. This exclusive feature allows Shangri-La to be raised up to 24” in this mode.

Closed top, open bottom
By partially lowering the shading from the fully raised position, the upper portion of your window will become semi-opaque while allowing a clear view below.

Fully private
When lowered completely, Shangri-La provides complete privacy and softly diffused light.

Partially open
Opening Shangri-La slightly will gradually increase the level of light and allow varying levels of view through.

View-through when lowered
By completely opening the vanes, Shangri-La provides a softened, veiled view to the outside.