Inspired Living Series 2010

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December 2010
Christine is feng shui-ing your holiday! This month, Inspired Living is incorporating colors, scents, warmth and balance to your holidays. This series will provide energy, relaxation, good will and a chance for you to sit back and smell the evergreen.

November 2010
The November Inspired Living Series is all about the fall fashion trends! Christine talks fall with pieces to accent fall color trends, the new decade of retro style, seasonal decorating trends in the dining room or guest rooms, or how you can make guests feel at home for the holiday. Find out how you can incorporate fall into your home in time for Thanksgiving!

October 2010
The October Inspired Living Series kicks off the fall season! Christine provides expertise in making changes to your home to reflect the fall season with warmth and coziness, window treatments and floor options, Halloween for grown ups, or the thrill of antiquing. Find out how you can incorporate different colors and pieces for your harvest home transition!

September 2010
A special 3 part September to Remember series for the weekend decorator! Christine provides tips for decorating your favorite TV room for Monday night football parties, re-doing your children’s bedroom, or helping a parent move into your home by providing the comforts they’re accustomed to. Listen to the September Inspired Living Series for tips on how to make your weekend projects fun!

August 2010
August is awe-inspiring! This month, Christine provides her expert tips for redecorating in an uninspired room, decorating a dorm room, freshening up a summer room, or starting your home over from scratch after moving into a new space. Listen to the August Inspired Living Series for ideas for your own redecorating projects.

July 2010
In July’s Inspired Living segments, Christine pays tribute to locally owned and operated businesses.  There are many local businesses all over the New England area, and Bridgman’s does it’s part to support them by carrying local lines like Cherry Pond, Lyndon Furniture and Thors Elegance, just to name a few.  Christine discusses supporting these businesses by patronizing local farm stands and locally owned restaurants as well as purchasing locally produced products like soaps, cheeses and beverages.

June 2010
June’s Inspired Living Series tips focus on love — the love of entertaining, the love of tradition, a space to rekindle your love and lastly, the love of vacationing – in your own home! Listen to this month’s series for advice on creating a relaxing get-away space, a setting to entertain friends indoors or out, or the perfect space to light the spark back in your love life.

May 2010
May’s Inspired Living segments are all about decorating using your own personal style.  There’s something for everyone this month, including all the details of decorating with the five elements of feng shui (water, metal, fire, earth and wood), decorating using a monotone piece as inspiration for the main living areas of your home, decorating for the sports fanatic and finally, pieces for your home designed with Mom in mind.

APRIL 2010
April’s Inspired Living segments are all about color inspiration!  Learn how to make the best choices and freshen up your color scheme with Christine’s room-transforming tips and techniques.  Christine also discusses making the old new again!  She talks about redecorating in a contemporary style, but still using a signature piece of antique furniture to dress up any room.

MARCH 2010
March is Home Improvement month! In this month’s Inspired Living, Christine dedicates three of her segments to discuss how to redecorate using some of the latest trends to create a modern or contemporary style.  Using inspiration from a shabby-chic store in New York City, she also talks about the pieces of furniture, color tones and accents that can be used to create an inviting shabby-chic style in any home.

In this month’s Inspired Living, Christine gives us pet-friendly fabric advice for furniture in your home as well as tips on refreshing your old furniture by making it new again — with slipcovers! She also pays tribute to our forefathers for Presidents’ Day by discussing all the American-made brands of furniture that can be purchased at Bridgman’s.

Christine provides simple tips to create a special space for the guy in your life. The “man cave”.But don’t forget some homes with a “man cave” also deserve a feminine equivalent. She also tackles calls regarding furniture arrangements and colors and patterns.

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