Inspired Living Series 2009

Below are some archived Inspired Living Series designer tips from 2009.

Christine tackles decorating the home for the holidays with a combination of personal style and family traditions. Noting her favorite family memories like baking cookies together and deciding on a theme for the family portrait, she reminds domestic divas and busy homemakers that decorating for the holidays can be fun, inexpensive and a great way to bond with the past and the present.

Christine spends November centered on the holidays, creative storage solutions, guest accommodations and resourceful holiday decor.

During the Harvest Home segments, Christine refers to fall as the traditional time when homeowners start to bring their inspiration indoors, as a result of the outdoors, as they begin to prepare for winter nesting. “Just like my Mom used to do, I choose one room at a time to work through,” said Christine. Subtle changes like adding a slipcover to the sofa or changing out the bedroom duvet can transform a room. Warm, rich tones are both comfortable and calming and, given their application, can be casual or elegant.

In Christine McKim’s September Inspired Living segments, listeners can relate to the ever-changing need to provide kids with functional and stylish spaces of their own. “All children experience changes in different ways as they grow, the one fun change that we can do as parents is control the comfort of their bedroom,” says McKim.

This month, is offering a few good tips on furnishing a college dorm room, shared apartment, first home or downsized dwelling. What is the biggest challenge with a college dorm room or first apartment? Space. The typical dorm room comes furnished with basic amenities and very little square footage, but this doesn’t mean students must sell themselves short on personalizing their room.

JUNE 2009
In the June segments on the Inspired Living radio series, Christine is boosting the confidence of homeowners and apartment dwellers that are at a loss for getting the best from their windows and walls. Christine also talks about how to recognize quality furniture and how to choose the best quality for your needs.

MAY 2009
Christine talks about organizing, shaping and living in multi-functional spaces. Life’s arrangements, a term McKim uses to describe the need to remove chaos and clutter and create harmony and flow, can help frustrated homeowners take the functional out of dysfunctional. Moreover, don’t be predictable and traditional. Rooms don’t always need, or benefit from, the traditional square layout. Experiment with different furniture layouts and place large furnishings, like a sofa, on an angle. “Think outside the box, but keep in mind the use of this area and the flow of conversation,” she adds.

APRIL 2009
Christine addresses family influence and how being surrounded by traditional designs inspired her to decorate her home in traditional style. Relating to her childhood home, she noted that, “Inspirations begin as children growing up in the family home.” Everyone can find inspiration through favorite places and memories. Christine also says to take a closer look at the clothes in your closet to determine what your personal decorating style is, alluding to how one dresses can correlate to the interior design of their home.

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