Shifman Mattresses


In need of a good night’s sleep? Try a Shifman mattress, for the ultimate sleep experience!

Exclusive to Bridgman’s Fine Home Furnishings, Shifman manufactures the finest handmade mattresses available today. The Shifman tradition of all cotton, hand tufted mattresses on eight-way hand-tied box springs puts Shifman in a unique position in the bedding industry.



Shifman has maintained the same uncompromising standards for quality and attention to detail that the company was founded on in 1893. Employing the finest tempered steel innerspring, the most durable upholstery, and the strictest quality control standards, Shifman is able to offer the best value in the industry.


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Shifman continues to be one of the only American mattress manufacturers that has maintained its dedication to making two-sided mattresses. A Shifman two sided mattress will retain its shape and comfort-life longer than any one-sided mattress.

At Bridgman’s Fine Home Furnishings, we understand quality, which is why we carry Shifman, the finest handmade mattresses in the world. Visit our store now and find out how time-honored construction and quality can make a positive change to your sleep. Try a Shifman mattress today!


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