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(A flooring glossary of terms)

Berber – multi-colored carpet yarn construction, most often features loops of yarn, but also available in cut-pile textures and friezes. Be careful: there are many poor quality versions. Consult with an expert.

Engineered Wood – real wood with a pre-finished top layer of wood on a sandwich of 1/16” to 1/8” layers of plywood. Very stable in all climates.

Flooring – describes all hard-surfaced flooring materials, such as wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, etc.

Floor Covering – most often describes soft, removable textiles such as carpet, rugs, runners, mats, etc.

Frieze – highly textured, curled carpet yarn construction, both multi and solid colored, has a “permed” appearance with outstanding wear properties. In carpets, it is also referred to as a twist.

Green – not the color. Here, the industry refers to “green” as environmentally friendly. This refers to both the manufacturing process and the product’s reusable and recyclable capabilities.

Laminate – refers to a laminated wood composite (includes glue and wood by-products) flooring choice. Laminate flooring is often less expensive than wood flooring with fewer installation restrictions.

Porcelain – in reference to floor tile, porcelain is often mistaken for ceramic products. Porcelain is fired to a higher temperature in the manufacturing process, resulting in a denser tile with a harder finish. Your benefit? Less cracking and fewer surface scratches.

Saxony – a plush, cut-pile carpet construction, mostly found as a solid color, offering a variety of suede-like appearances, while ranging from casual to formal.